2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4 Automatic Review


2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4 Automatic Review As the least expensive design in the Automobile collection allowed to wear the Pathway Ranked logo, the Patriot has its work cut out for it. Released as a 2007 design, this lightweight SUV stocks its system with the Automobile Compass and the unloved and left Avoid Quality, yet it does a affordable job of concealing those family connections under conventional squared-off Automobile design hints. While the point of the Compass runs away many of us, the Patriot's mission—offering customers a low-cost admission to the Automobile look and lifestyle—is magnificent.

2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4 Automatic Review

Both the Patriot and the Compass are scheduled to be substituted for a single, as yet un-named design for 2018. The Patriot is still promoting well even as it goes into its Eleventh design season (yes, there are 2017 Patriots, basically the same from the 2016 version examined here), showing that the product organizers were on focus on when they made a decision to get in what later became one of the industry’s most popular industry.

As with our latest analyze of a 2016 Automobile Compass, the Patriot is nothing if not a package of contradictions. It provides vacation control as conventional, yet linking a phone to the conventional Wireless program needs interesting in a long two-way conversation with the Speech Control system; the leader tilts but does not telescope; the 60/40 divided back chairs have all the building and improving of a recreation area regular, yet, thanks in part to adequate froth cushioning, they offer affordable convenience for travelers of all dimensions. Automobile smartly opposed the desire to add some inexpensive stand out to the device board with a half-baked digital installation and went with primary white-on-black circular equipment, yet the top of the dash—and much of the interior—is designed of criminally cheap-looking nasty that smacks of the cost-cutting main concerns set in the thankfully brief time when Cerberus possessed Chrysler. In brief, the Patriot group had to create difficult choices in to bring an off-road-capable Automobile vehicle to industry at an aggressive price. The rectilinear design provides a pretty spacious internal and a nice freight hold, practicalities that stay a durability for the Patriot in comparison to fresh cross-over SUVs in this price bracket.

2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4 Automatic Interior

Patriots now are available in just two cut levels: Game and Permission. Our four-wheel-drive Game analyze car was prepared with the 75th Birthday program (called the 2GK Quick Purchase program in supplier speak; it contributes $1430 to the price), that delivers a Recon Green and Brown shade plan and a badging treatment similar to the one on our above mentioned Compass analyze car. Other niceties included with the program include an electrical sunroof, a leather-wrapped leader, distant begin, bronze 17-inch wheels, and the 178-hp 2.4-liter inline-four-cylinder motor. The bottom motor is a 158-hp 2.0-liter four. Choosing for the 75th Birthday program, however, needs a few additional options, namely air conditioner ($1375) and the Energy Value Team ($2045), such as keyless access, automated headlamps, power warmed showcases, lighted access, and automated securing. Lastly, our analyze car also had a back-up digital camera ($995) and the six-speed automated gearbox ($1450) in place of the conventional consistently varying device.

2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4 Automatic Review

The as-tested price, then, was $7295 higher than the $20,690 system price for a 4x4 Patriot, or about the same as a in the same way prepared 75th Birthday version of Jeep’s fresh but more compact Rebel with four-wheel generate. (Front-wheel-drive Patriots begin at $18,990.) While we understand the marketing value of an attention-catching sub-$20K MSRP ($19,695 before the $995 location fee), many of the features included in this Patriot as piecemeal “options” are involved as conventional kit at system price of opponent automobiles. Were we writing the check, we’d miss the anniversary program and its oxymoronic “mandatory options” and instead springtime for a 2.4-liter Game SE with A/C and the six-speed automated for $24,310; the main difference of more than $3000 is critical in this budget-minded price section. Keep in mind, though, that the Patriot is not long for this world—the 2018 alternative is predicted to create its first appearance at the Los Angeles automatic show in Nov and appear in dealerships in the first one fourth of the coming season, after which the rest of the stock of 2017 Patriots will move to the day-old holder. Anticipate good deals.

If the price and product packaging still look attractive in theory, it’s more difficult to justify the Patriot’s on-road actions. It’s just usual, and it seems like it. Put your feet down, and the six-speed automatic allows the inline-four to move for the bleachers, keeping equipment until redline. The motor invested so a time rotating at high revs that at least one staffer believed it had system CVT rather than the not compulsory planetary-gear automated. Four-wheel generate in this example came by way of Jeep’s Independence Drive I effective digital full-time program that diverts twisting to the back wheels when front side slide is recognized. A selectable “lock” function divides the twisting submission between front and rear side axles, but no low variety is roofed. For that—and the Pathway Ranked badge—you’d need to opt for Independence Drive II ($1250) with its off-road method, but that hair you in to the CVT, since system five-speed guide and the six-speed automated aren’t provided with that program.

2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4 Automatic Features

Our sense of moderate efficiency in traffic was verified at the monitor, where the zero-to-60-mph dash absorbed 9.7 a few moments and the quarter-mile took 17.4 a few moments with a snare rate of 81 mph. Those figures are nearly similar to the figures created by its Compass fraternal double and more slowly than those of the last Automobile Wrangler Endless we examined (8.4 and 16.6 seconds), a car that makes the Patriot appear to be an example of cutting-edge technology. The Patriot did outrun the Subaru Crosstrek 2.0i, a in the same way cost vehicle that more or less suits into the same sub-segment, which required 10.3 and 17.9 a few moments to complete the assessments. Given how long we invested with the gas your pedal on the ground, we were slightly satisfied with this Patriot’s 21-mpg noticed gas mileage, just 1 mpg shy of the EPA mixed ranking.

2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4 Automatic Review

Once up to rate, the Patriot scrapes down the kilometers acceptably. With an internal sound level of just 70 sound levels at 70 mph and no proof of squeaks and rattles (not the case in some previously design years), it’s easy to keep a conversation—until the need to move occurs and the grumble of the 2.4 attaining for revs invades the cottage. The 265/65-17 Goodyear Wrangler SR A wheels perform a little on rough tangible but vacation quietly across road. Furthermore, the revocation shows the Patriot’s attribute “good enough for some of the people most of the time” qualities. While most pothole effects are moderate, if not entirely disregarded, reaching a major street crater straight resonates through the traveler section as if the dampers had just poked free of their higher installs.

Stopping efficiency is regular for a category in which excellent braking system are a scarcity. Getting difficult on the braking mechanism your pedal at 70 mph shows company preliminary chew but otherwise ambivalent your pedal feel, while taking 194 legs to come to a stop. The Subaru did it in only 186 feet; the anachronistic Wrangler, on the other hand, took all of 209 legs. Other powerful characteristics, such as temporary reaction, hold, and guiding reviews, all emphasize us that this is a decade-old design. With just 0.73 g of horizontal hold, unexplained guiding, and chronic understeer, this isn’t a install that motivates the car owner to task highway gates. In true Automobile custom, it’s better suitable to dust streets and paths.

In a quickly growing sea of modern, flexible lightweight and mid-size crossovers, the Patriot is unique as a relic from another era. Not everyone is in a hurry to accept the newest styles, though; for them, this last Patriot may signify an opportunity to get a Automobile inexpensively.

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