2017 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Review


2017 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Review In the rarified air above popular luxury-brand flagships from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are available the ultra-exclusive, hand-built vehicles from Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and Bentley, each providing 12-cylinder energy, the best content furniture, and indubitable pedigrees. Given these cars’ unapologetic costs, an average individual might anticipate them to exceed any off-the-rack Ferrari A8, S-class Benz, or 7-series Bimmer in every regard. Or at least most aspects. Or at least in the high-class functions, right?

2017 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Review

Well, individuals who buy vehicles like the gleaming silver 2017 Bentley Traveling Encourage V8 S examined here aren’t regular. When they choose to buy a Traveling Encourage, it’s not to add a new high-class automobile to their stable; it’s to add a Bentley to their constant. They’re probably informed that any of those hypercompetent Teutonic sleds provides more high-tech luxo-wizardry than the Traveling Encourage, which doesn’t even come with a USB port; indeed, they probably have one of those In german vehicles, too. And few would ever get captured baiting an S63, M760i, or S8—each of which can hit 60 mph in 3.8 a few moments or less—into a stoplight the multiple, so where this car’s efficiency figures drop comparative to those may be beside the factor.

What is important is that the Traveling Encourage provides on its guarantee as a Bentley with the waft, the heat, and the prestigious grace for which the brand’s vehicles have been known for many years. In accordance with the previous-generation Navigator GT, the Traveling Encourage automobile has shown fulfilling in that regard since first showing in 2005—and particularly so since the second-gen design came for 2014 with an even more attractive, slimmer body program and a much stronger, 616-hp W-12 motor.

2017 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Interior

We were satisfied upon our first generate of the less heavy, less expensive Traveling Encourage V8, which missing exactly none of its Bentley-ness with the fitting of the Nova Group’s popular 4.0-liter eight-cylinder, updated to make a strong 500 horse energy. The Traveling Encourage close relatives more than doubled in dimension when V8 S and W12 S designs were presented annually ago, increasing horse energy to 521 and 626 with a exclusive front-fascia style, a back diffuser / extractor, and black-painted grilles. Having already mentioned our choice for the Traveling Encourage V8’s comparative speed and throatier audio, we hypothesized that the V8 S would be the most effective from a generating viewpoint.

2017 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Review

As simple as information and figures may be to the common Bentley proprietor, one variety of particular impact is 5509—the bodyweight this analyze car taken onto our machines, 55.1 % of the complete relaxing on the top side tires. On one side, that creates its 4.3-second zero-to-60-mph and 10.5-second zero-to-100-mph periods that much more impressive; same with the 167-foot quit from 70 mph. But at the skidpad, the low-profile 275/35ZR-21 Pirelli P 0's that covered the V8 S’s optionally available 21-inch six-spoke tires were confused after just 0.83 g of horizontal speeding. And despite the conventional all-wheel-drive program delivering 60 % of the available twisting to the back tires, understeer continued at the restrict.

Effortless high-speed journey has always been an indication of a Bentley, and the V8 S satisfies this objective remarkably. The car seems astonishingly quick off the road. While nothing tends to occur instantly in a Bentley—that’s all section of the waft—the V8 S is updated for clearer accelerator reaction, which allows it not only to achieve 50 mph in just 2.6 a few moments from a 30-mph lope, but also to experience usually conscious, which isn’t something we’ve always been able to say about these hulking high-class vehicles.

And rate accomplished is rate managed with relentless balance, even strong into triple-digit area, with distinct guiding that tightens up up significantly when the sportiest of the four framework ways has been chosen. The car’s large size—the wheelbase alone extends more than 10 feet—and enormous bodyweight keep it from being much fun on a twisty street, but in shapes the body program continues to be heroically smooth, creating it experience more placed than predicted. And the brake-pedal experience happens to be ideal.

2017 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Features

But, again, there’s more to this car than its analyze outcomes or even the very subjective experience of how it pushes. As we mentioned in a write-up of the previous-generation Traveling Encourage Speed, “Every generate in the Bentley is an evade from truth, a celebration.” Remaining in keeping with type, the V8 S is best when one’s feelings are instructed toward experiencing its magnificent chairs, tickling the knurled move button, or determining those details—the simple accumulates in the furniture or modifications in the stitching—that connect that these factors really are designed manually. The medial side planning may have expanded acquainted, and you won’t discover many of the new whiz-bang functions that are all anger just one car category below, but the Traveling Encourage continues to be beyond reproach in conditions of content honesty—nary a factor within this car isn’t exactly what it looks like. It’s also a sea of tranquility: With just 62 sensible audio levels at a 70-mph vacation, the Traveling Encourage is one of the most silent vehicles on the world.

2017 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Review

With a beginning MSRP of $208,725, the V8 S is exactly $16,000 costly than the conventional Traveling Encourage V8. Our analyze example taken to the celebration another $26K cost of choices, more than we’d want to shake off here and only one of which—a $3360 set of 21-inch wheels—had any keeping on efficiency. Still, a few are valuable referring to if only because their costs stress credulity. For example, this car’s dark headlamp bezels and taillamp contacts (the type of factor one might think would be an element of the S treatment) included $1805 to the ultimate count. Bentley doesn’t cost any other for this example’s polarizing Camel colour, which flows as brown from a few steps away but upon near examination shines with every shade in the rainbow; artwork the braking mechanism calipers dark cost $1555, however. And we’d like to know if there’s any material-cost-related basis for Bentley to cost $2190 to use a distinct colour of range to sew the chair furniture and the steering-wheel set. But there we are like regular individuals again.

So the Traveling Encourage isn’t exactly state-of-the-art, although in V8 S type, it is somewhat targeted from a generating viewpoint. Large yet still quite quick, it is as elegant as every Bentley ought to be. And as we hypothesized, it’s the most interesting Traveling Encourage we’ve motivated yet. But Bentley vehicles won’t be like this permanently. From what we can collect after seeing the charming new 2019 Navigator GT first appearance and after meeting with Bentley’s manager, Wolfgang Dürheimer, this car’s ultimate alternative is likely to be far more futuristic—and probably electrified—so we ought to enjoy its big, heavy Bentley-ness while we still can.

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