2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review


2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review A suv choice since its 1984-model-year release, the Avoid Caravan has outlived acid-wash denims, expert of happy periods Spuds MacKenzie, and the relevance of Phil Cube Clay-based. We might have thought that the appearance of Fiat Chrysler’s lately produced Chrysler Pacifica minivan would put a share through the defeating center of the long-running Avoid, but here we are in 2017, and factory-fresh Huge Caravans continue to reach on supplier lots. But in contrast to most born-in-the-’80s touchpoints that have fallen within the surf of appreciation for the past, the Huge Caravan continues to be an hugely realistic, if somewhat old, device for building a active members of the family life.

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review

Now in its fifth creation, the Caravan has seen a lot of changes, but none modify its primary objective of moving people and their stuff—and a lot of each. Avoid shuffled the available cut levels for 2017, removing the R/T design and the United states Value program, so the collection now loads up as SE, SE Plus, SXT, and GT, in climbing order. Our analyze example was a GT.

In accessory for such as all the options of the scuttled R/T design (a game revocation, 17-inch metal tires, set sitting, distant beginning, a power liftgate and moving side gates, a nine-speaker sound system, and a 6.5-inch infotainment screen), the GT contributes routing and the Car owner Comfort Team (heated front- and second-row chairs, a warmed leader, three-zone automated heating and cooling, Uconnect Speech Control, screen treatments, and expense storage space bins). Generally, for $35,490, you get a Caravan that has been drawn through the lawn of choices. There are still a few items remaining on recption menus, but the only one we’d add for sure is the $995 Movie trailer program, which gives you a 2.0-inch problem recipient, a cabling utilize, and a load-leveling revocation, all including up to make the Avoid excellent to tug 3600 weight. (We also might springtime for the $95 engine-block heating device, given our Mich winter seasons.)

If maintaining the little ones pacified in a glassy-eyed stupor is a concern, you’re looking at another $995 for the DVD Enjoyment installation (a 9.0-inch video display for the second row with wi-fi headsets, a distant device, an HD multi-media interface, and a “charge only” USB port). Surprisingly, the $1495 Protection Area Team (blind-spot caution, back cross-path recognition, and back automobile parking assist) is not combined into the GT package—considering the Caravan’s members of the family objective, we’d think that every possible safety function would be cooked in from the start.

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Interior

The Huge Caravan’s internal at first seems as large as a New You are able to Town residence, and the top side chairs are directly out of the La-Z-Boy shop. Big, sleek, and relaxed in a very 1980's, Bob Guccione kind of way, the chairs offer a first impact of high-class that can give way to a poor sensation that’ll have you hoping for more assistance once you time some kilometers. The remaining internal is just excellent enough. The switchgear on the system and the entrance sections is conventional Chrysler fare; the management buttons, light changes, and bin gates on the sprint and expense nintendo wii operate as designed but absence any real durability or perfection. Complete quality is a combined bag of nasty areas which range from sleek to weak, all with a experience that sways more toward commercial than magnificent.

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review

The plastic-chrome finish on the dash-mounted shifter and its frame, for example, looks like excess from a Initialed or monogrammed design kit.
High factors consist of moving includes for the twin containers in the system and the set of 12-volt sites situated in the ahead bin, frill-free indicators for automobile and motor rate, and a reasonably user-friendly key structure on the sprint. We wish Chrysler’s 8.4-inch touchscreen display screen infotainment installation were available, but instead the job drops to a 6.5-inch device enclosed by physical management buttons. The Huge Caravan has the popular fold-into-the-floor Store ’n Go chairs, a choice of any FCA minivan, but we were hit by how much less relaxed they were in contrast to the newer ones in the Pacifica. In this Caravan, the low seat-cushion size results in grownups with their legs irritatingly raised and hip and legs in need of assistance. Second-row pails are conventional in all but the bottom SE. If you’re willing to business away some convenience, you can get a second-row regular in that design instead.

Pop the bonnet, and the appreciation for the past journey carries on with Chrysler’s tried-and-true 3.6-liter V-6 and six-speed automated equipment box. While hardly a cutting-edge powertrain, it provides enough gumption to push the Caravan from zero to the 60-mph indicate in 7.8 a few moments and through the quarter-mile in 16.1 with a snare rate of 88 mph; both periods are just 0.2 second behind those published by a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica we lately examined. That’s less amazing when you consider that the Pacifica also depends on the popular Pentastar for inspiration, although the Chrysler shuffles its a little bit higher outcome (287 horse in comparison to 283 for the Caravan) through a nine-speed automated instead of the Dodge’s six-speed equipment box. In the Huge Caravan, a governor actions in at 113 mph, and you likely wouldn’t want to go much quicker anyhow, as the Caravan’s insensitive guiding, the likelihood of crosswinds, and ageing framework require continuous modification to keep it on the directly and filter.

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Features

Braking from 70 mph required 180 legs. Of the four nonhybrid Pacificas we’ve analyzed, avoiding ranges have been between 177 and 187 legs. The new 2018 Ford Journey and the last front-wheel-drive Chevy Sienna we examined both required 184 legs. Although the Caravan has nothing to be embarrassed of in conditions of avoiding range, the your pedal experience was sleek and unexplained, and we knowledgeable reduce beginning with the first stop.

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review

We authorized 0.77 g of hold, an amazing number given how much the Caravan sways when required to change guidelines. A post-test study of the 225/65R-17 Michelin Energy Saving all-season tires exposed an unevenly used remaining front side. Besides possibly limiting efficiency and monitoring, this indicates some revocation or guiding elements may need maintenance. Still, this van is no gorge carver even when the important equipment is correctly categorized. The trade-off is a relatively sleek generate, but it’s almost difficult to neglect the unclear, tired sensation that spreads throughout almost all of the Caravan’s powerful goes, which demonstrates just how much the competition—including the Pacifica—has enhanced in the past few years.

The 20-mpg gas mileage noticed over the course of the Caravan’s remain with us exactly suits the EPA combined ranking, with the agency’s city determine at 17 mpg and the road ranking at 25 mpg. The Caravan’s noticed gas mileage also gives up little ground to the 20 to 22 mpg we’ve seen in our examining of the Pacifica (although a 2017 Pacifica multiple obtained a combined 28 MPGe).
While its death is unavoidable, the Caravan has been provided a remain of efficiency of types. FCA is and can exist together with the much vaunted Pacifica at least through the remaining 2017 design year and likely into 2018 as well. Intelligent customers know—and our own research supports—that these things are making dealerships with important discount rates off MSRP. So if raw application and passenger-carrying potential over-shadow your need for parking-lot cachet and the newest design and technological innovation, the older Huge Caravan is still a competitor for your cash—either to buy or to book.

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