2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-class


The Mercedes-Benz SL has exemplified its place as roadster royalty after an illustrious 60-plus-year history. Now in its 6th development, the SL begins to illustrate its age, but it carries on to be an expensive and elegant option for those with the indicates. Available only as a retractable-hardtop activities convertible car, the SL-class emerged in V-6 SL450 and V-8 SL550 forms—the fire-breathing AMG SL63 and SL65 editions are examined individually. Relatively moderate, effectively developed looks give the SL an old-money experience in evaluation with more over the top competitors, which could limit or enhance its fascination centered on on your needs. Improved road manners and highly effective efficiency highlight that an SL is top quality goods—and money well spent.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-class

The SL acquired an update this season that presented freshened looks front part and rear part and a few technological up-dates. The SL450 changes previous times SL400, using the same V-6 engine but with 33 more hp than before. A nine-speed computerized gear box is new for both SL450 and SL550 styles.

An SL is a invest buy to start with, but we’d stay moderate and go through base SL450 rather than the SL550, that came to a large $23,850 more. The V-6 provides a lot of your and comes traditional with features such as:

• Energy sinkable hardtop
• Heated 16-way power seats
• Dual-zone computerized atmosphere control
• COMAND infotainment system with The the apple organization company CarPlay and Android working system os AutoBeyond that, we’d add the $5050 Top top quality system, such as a back-up digital camera, massaging front part side seats, and keyless accessibility. Several color colors and inner reduces are available as no-cost options, so our SL450 gusts of wind up just under the six-figure indicate at $92,995.

Whether you choose the SL450’s turbocompresseur V-6 or the SL550’s turbocompresseur V-8, you’ll appreciate easy power and sensitive efficiency.
Even if the 362-hp SL450 is not the quickest car in our activity, its boosting is fast and satisfying—it gets to 60 mph in 4.5 a moment, fast by any measure—with distinct responses from the nine-speed computerized gear box. We like the V-6’s exhaustion notice, too, and its efficiency is good enough to make the even costlier SL550, with its extra 87 hp, seem unnecessary. If you really care about marking popularity and you have the other money, you might as well skip the SL550 absolutely and interact with in the full-bore AMG SL63 and SL65 ultra-performance editions, which system even more power and exclusivity.

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-class

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