2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 Manual Review

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 Manual Review xLet’s get this out of the way up front: The litany of failures seen by our long-term 2014 Chevy Corvettes Stingray Z51 (C7) was basically terrible. Yes, we know a car is a bulk manufactured up of a large number of elements, and that despite large steps in technology and manufacturing that make vehicles far more efficient today than they were just a couple of product periods ago, factors can and do go wrong. But sheesh.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 Manual Review

Things were excellent at first, starting with our coupe’s platform cost of $51,995, which is nearly 30 huge less than the end cost of another popular way to go quick, the Mercedes 911. Among the C7’s conventional features are its firm metal space structure and light-weight Superman body-work that always holds attention, even in our analyze car’s arranged Knife Gold Metal. Distinct black tires ($495) and “carbon flash” external accessories ($100) absolutely assisted. The revocation still uses blend (fiberglass) transversus foliage rises, but the Stingray is ­altogether more high-tech and interesting to function than before.

The C7’s internal is greatly enhanced from the C6’s. Perfectly prepared to start, our analyze car also involved the mid-level 2LT equipment team ($4210), which included warmed and vented chairs, a shade head-up show, and other splendid luxuries. We also decided for carbon-fiber internal cut ($995) and Chevy’s MyLink routing ($795). The “Car and Driver” recognition oral plaque on the system ($200) flattered our already-inflated moi. As examined, such as other options to be mentioned soon, the car’s cost was $66,575. Little did we know how special it really was.

Our Stingray’s issues began accidentally enough when—at 850 miles—the eight-inch center touchscreen technology began broken because of contact with the nearby cut board. Modifying the cut piece was a simple assurance fix, but other issues followed.

GM’s new aluminum-block, 6.2-liter LT1 V-8 is the heart of the C7, and most of the time it thundered to life and roared like a NASCAR stocker as we proved helpful the common seven-speed guide transaxle. Our optionally available varying efficiency fatigue ($1195) offered it a fishing boat yowl. Ranked at 460 horse power and 465 pound-feet of twisting, the big LT1 efficiently chugged away from nonproductive and yanked itself up to its 6600-rpm redline.

The newest small-block is brilliant, too, with immediate energy hypodermic injection, varying device moment, and cyndrical tube deactivation. Helped by the Stingray’s smooth information and high g­earing, we averaged 21 mpg overall and consistently ­traveled more than 30 street kilometers on a ­gallon of top quality, making the Corvettes an skilled road-trip partner. It was perfectly long-legged on projects to New Shirt, Northern Carolina, Va, and Wi. After its suggested break-in period, our 3436-pound analyze car was effectively quick, attaining 60 mph in 3.9 a few moments and protecting the one fourth in 12.2 a few moments at 118 mph.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 Manual Interior

But the dry-sump oiling program in addition to the $2800 Z51 program could not avoid the engine from self-destructing. It grenaded at 6000 kilometers, when we combined onto any regional framework dynamometer to meas­ure the LT1’s energy at the sidewalk. The engine began to eat itself before we could start the examining in serious. Worrying the V-8 was in the beginning of seizure, we closed it down and requested a flatbed for transportation to our store.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 Manual Review

But the dry-sump oiling program in addition to the $2800 Z51 program could not avoid the engine from self-destructing. It grenaded at 6000 kilometers, when we combined onto any regional framework dynamometer to meas­ure the LT1’s energy at the sidewalk. The engine began to eat itself before we could start the examining in serious. Worrying the V-8 was in the beginning of seizure, we closed it down and requested a flatbed for transportation to our store.

Acceleration numbers were about the same with the second engine when we came returning to the monitor at the end of quality. Yet, technological manager K.C. Colwell mentioned that the car would’ve likely been faster than new if the shifter wasn’t “tighter than any other C7 I’ve motivated.” Other motorists decided, chiding the seven-speed for its large involvement, tendency to pop out of lower equipment, and the actual in directing the firmly spread gateways. At 38,000 kilometers, we had the card supplier modify the shifter’s linkage according to something message, but that created little difference.

The Stingray’s bad fortune stacked on with the kilometers. Solving a windows rock processor wasn’t a big deal at $50, but the cup consequently damaged, charging us $937 for an alternative. We also had to spend $854 for new returning Michelins at 13,000 kilometers because of a pierce, and deteriorating the methodologies in 31,000 kilometers cleared the coffers of another $714.

The C7’s chairs are a huge enhancement over the C6’s, which offered little horizontal support and rocked returning unsettlingly. But our car’s $1995 Competitors Game thrones left us of two thoughts. While some motorists discovered them extremely relaxed for lengthy hikes, others known as them overkill and discovered the short base support unsupportive. Their raised hip points also offered the uncomfortable feeling of seated on a yellow pages and negatively impacted the driving position. And then the passenger’s seat-mounted side airbag should be exchanged at 15,000 kilometers because of a problem forcing a remember. The car was came returning to us with an unraveling driver’s seatback cover, which would eventually need to get changed, too.

Although we had fixed excellent Michelin Lead Alpin PA4 winter time tires, the Corvettes fought in the fridge of our Mich winter time. In sub-zero temperature, the LT1 V-8 could take up to 12 a few moments of decent before shooting, which absolutely offered to the beginner engine passing away at 21,000 kilometers. Shortly thereafter, the mind of the Stingray’s heating-and-air-conditioning program began closing intermittently—in mid-January—and should be changed. We dressed in parkas and limped the car along while the card supplier requested a new control device, but this problem still took nearly 3 several weeks to take care of.

The C7’s axle closes began dripping lube at 25,000 kilometers. Chilly cold temperature probably angry this failing. GM was in the process of setting up more-durable closes being made, and the enhanced parts offered to our supplier treated the problem. But it’s worth referring to that neither our long-term 2014 Jaguar F-type V-8 S nor our 2014 Mercedes Cayman S, which both knowledgeable through the same terrible winter time, had any issues working with the cold.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 Manual Features

Throughout the freezing months, the Corvettes was the car to avoid. The warmed chairs only got warm, and the already-finicky shifter knowledgeable like it was mixing a bag of concrete until the drivetrain warmed. We also were exhausting of the cacophony of street and wheel disturbance that suffused the cottage, amplified by winter time tires. The C7’s competitive guiding geometry also intended that the top side tires would irritatingly clean in restricted vehicle parking techniques, a compromise for the car’s awesome managing.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 Manual Review

The Stingray’s last 15,000 kilometers were mostly trouble-free once the climate warmed. Although several motorists mentioned that they would’ve probably exchanged in the Corvettes by now were it their personal car, we returned to experiencing the rest of the Z51’s efficiency hardware: sportier revocation configurations, an digital limited-slip differential, smaller transmitting gearing, bigger placed stopping mechanism rotors, transmitting and differential chillers, and 19-inch front side and 20-inch returning tires with run-flat Michelin Lead Extremely Game tires (245/35s in front side side and 285/30s at the rear).

The optionally available Attractive Drive Control dampers with GM’s Performance Grip Management ($1795) further assisted the chassis’ stability and hold with little obvious damage to the C7’s quality of ride. Both techniques are incorporated into the console’s Drive Method Selector switch, which can track the car’s various techniques from relaxed to competition via five configurations (snow/rain, eco, trip, sport, and track). The freedom permitted the Stingray to be as positioned in a quick brush as it was trundling in the future. We all decided the electrical energy guiding had great feel and reaction, and the V-8’s soundtrack never improved old.

Our preliminary journey to quality monitor produced an outstanding 137-foot stop from 70 mph, as well as 1.03 g’s of keep on the skidpad. The Stingray’s stopping efficiency was the same at 40,000 kilometers as it was when new, yet there was less understeer, and horizontal hold improved to a neck-straining 1.07 g’s. Test-driver Colwell alleged a small alternation in positioning as the cause, basically saying, “As it rests now, the car is installed.”

Compared with the assurance work, the Corvette’s planned servicing every 7500 kilometers was uncomplicated. Our five trips cost $661 complete, and involved oil and narrow changes, examinations, and changing a few normal-wear items. The 30,000-mile support was the biggest, at $255, but also involved a clutch-fluid modify. Although we had to pay for the first three oil and narrow changes ($228) because our car was a GM analyze vehicle, actual owners would get those services for 100 % free under the Stingray’s involved oil changes for the first two years or 24,000 kilometers. To sustain a friendly connection with our supplier, we opposed the desire to require a return.

We’ve knowledgeable little if any problems with the later Stingrays we’ve motivated and want to think of our analyze car as a first-year abnormality. The newest Corvettes is an awesome efficiency deal, and it still pained us to send the important factors. But the facts is that this Stingray unsuccessful amazingly, and its 17-month assessment was a analyze of our tolerance as much as it was of the car itself. We can absolve some of its problems because the C7 is the kind of device we’re satisfied to still have in our over-regulated and progressively computerized world. But we won’t forget this experience in the near future.

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