2016 Dodge Charger V-6 8-speed Automatic Review


2016 Dodge Charger V-6 8-speed Automatic Review They say it’s excellent to be bad, but sometimes it’s sufficient to merely look bad. Variation of the Avoid Charger we lately examined is an outstanding just to illustrate. At a peek it could quickly be taken for an R/T or even a Hellcat, with dark 20-inch tires dressed in low-profile Goodyear Huge eagle tires, a decklid spoiler, and dark accessories and badges within and out. It looks pleasantly menacing: low, muscle, and mean. The keyword, though, is “looks.” Restored for 2016, the Blacktop edition is a look package—visual muscle, if you like—and it’s something of a deal at $995.

2016 Dodge Charger V-6 8-speed Automatic Review

The look indicates muscle, but what you see is not exactly what you get. The SXT rests at the access end of the Charger collection, powered by Chrysler’s outstanding 3.6-liter V-6 and the similarly outstanding eight-speed automated gearbox. However, this powertrain quality is reduced by automobile mass—two-plus plenty.

In this example, with the not compulsory Rallye Team ($1695), the V-6 is ranked at 300 horse power and 264 lb-ft of twisting, a little more than the common SXT version’s 292 hp and 260 lb-ft. The net outcome is 6.2 a few moments to 60 mph and 14.7 a few moments through the quarter-mile, reaching 96 mph. That’s fast enough to keep off sleepiness, and the motorist won’t have to bother about viewing the back bumpers of Chevy Avalons and Cars Azeras taking away when the mild changes natural. But it’s a long way from the figures possible with a 370-hp Hemi V-8 (5.1 a few moments to 60 mph) or the brazen 707-hp Hellcat (3.4 seconds).

However, there’s more to this particular SXT than just the bad-boy beauty products. With optionally available Goodyear Huge eagle F1 Supercar summer season tires (size 245/45R-20) and game revocation adjusting, this big car has amazing speed, precise electronically helped energy guiding, and decent hold of 0.86 g.

2016 Dodge Charger V-6 8-speed Automatic Features

Braking efficiency is about what you’d anticipate of a two-ton sedan—173 legs from 70 mph, at the same time reduce free. Understeer gates up quickly, and there’s a feeling of huge public shifting up and down at the sides of the car (those substantial wheels).

2016 Dodge Charger V-6 8-speed Automatic Review

On the other hand, quality of drive is reasonably certified considering the level of move rigidity in the game revocation, the exercise shifters react quickly, and the eight-speed is liquid in complete automated method. This is a big automobile, with a spacious, adult-friendly back seat—we also had no problem suitable both a forward-facing and a backward-facing kid seat—and its footwear is nice, even if it’s only about regular for the section.

Besides the Rallye Team, other accessories on our analyze car involved the Plus Team (heated and vented energy front part chairs, set, warmed back chairs, warmed leader, warmed part showcases, and HID projector-beam front part lights, $2495) and routing ($795). But even at $37,360 as examined, this Charger is a lot of car for the money. If looking bad is sufficient, look no further.

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