2016 Fiat 500X AWD Review


2016 Fiat 500X AWD Review The best factor about Fiat’s new 500X cross-over is that it has almost nothing in normal with the Fiats currently languishing on supplier plenty. Fiat product sales are down 13 % overall this season, and July product sales were off 30 % from the same 1 month in 2014, the most severe efficiency among all automated manufacturers. Nobody at Fiat-Chrysler should be amazed. The French brand’s main item, the little 500, is coming into its fifth season. Fiat’s first work for balance a more popular four-door style for the U.S., the 500L, is as salesproof as any car in our market; contacting it comfortable is like saying the celebrity of Fiat’s Abarth ads, style style Catrinel Menghia, is merely fairly.

2016 Fiat 500X AWD Review

The 500X tries to deal with all of the brand’s disadvantages with a new style that may more design hints from the Mercedes Macan than either of its stablemates. The 500X is eye-catching and unique and it has a genuine back again chair with a freight keep that’s reasonably scaled for its category. The cabin is well believed out, with a center-mounted infotainment display that comes directly from the business Chrysler areas bin. The same goes for its powertrain, which is distributed with its platform-mate, the Vehicle Rebel. Both are designed in Fiat’s Melfi, France, position.

The 500X can be had with a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and a six-speed guide, but only as a front-driver in entry-level cut. A normally aspirated 2.4-liter four mated to Chrysler’s irascible nine-speed automated abilities all others, with four-wheel generate adding an extra $1900 onto the cost. Platform designs begin at just $20,900, but a packed 500X operates up to $32,500. Our analyze automobile, with four-wheel generate and the 180-hp 2.4-liter, stickered for $29,100. If that helps create the 500X seem somewhat expensive, it’s characteristic of this category of lightweight crossovers. Regardless of create or style, it’s simple to pay a lot for a little.

2016 Fiat 500X AWD Features

Nowhere is this more obvious than in performance—and the 500X is no exemption. It was useless at the analyze monitor, where its figures were almost as well as duplicates of the 500L’s. In the quarter-mile, the 500X was only able to handle a 16.8-second run at 82 mph, and it drawn an unpleasant 0.78 g on our skidpad. This last variety was particularly frustrating given how firm the 500X’s guiding seems and how strongly it trips on the road, sometimes extremely so. Stopping efficiency was an excellent 163 legs from 70 mph, about what we see in most vehicles that think about as much as the 3361-pound 500X and aren’t shod with high-performance rubberized. In comparison with other little azines, however, its figures aren’t out of range. It’s just that we have difficulties covering our leads around investing $30,000 for a little automobile that isn’t much fun to push, especially when it gets only 24 mpg in combined utilization. There are so many excellent cost-effective vehicles on the market—take a look at our 2015 10Best Cars record for some ideas—that there’s little purpose to accept merely excellent.

2016 Fiat 500X AWD Review

Of course, you’re not purchasing something in this category for monitor periods, and the 500X is more effective in its main objective of providing fashionable transport. But as is often the situation with present Fiat-Chrysler items, the 500X has the experience of being incomplete, like nobody was really perspiration the information as much as just trying to get the last item out the entrance. Nowhere is that more obvious than in its transmitting. In comparison with every other automobile we’ve motivated with this nine-speed, we did see the 500X actually move into its maximum equipment. But like the others, it was regularly moving to and fro between 7th and 8th on the road to sustain rate, and powerful generating circumstances had it shopping around for the right equipment. Eventually, we even experienced the 500X almost wait because of the transmission’s passion to be in a greater equipment. We discovered that selecting Game method on the 500X’s three-position drive-mode selector—the others are Auto and Traction+—cures much of the indecision. Just be certain to create and keep the button set up to ensure that it actually changes the method establishing.

Italian quirkiness, that euphemism for inadequate style and doubtful excellent quality, is at periods wonderful in the less expensive, smaller 500. But that’s a car that, for many of its entrepreneurs, is more of a toy or a style declaration than anything else. Here the bar is greater, and although Fiat-Chrysler has certainly beaten its past initiatives, there’s still space for improvement to become.

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