2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD Review


2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD Review Chevy made waves—okay, ripples—several years ago when it combined out the “It’s a car!” marketing motto for the crushingly regular Yaris hatchback. The tag line was a little too on the nasal area, underscoring the Yaris’s lack of significant design, features, or character, and enjoying up its lifestyle as just one of the many small-car alternatives to customers. Obviously, eventually, the “It’s a car!” tag line washed out into the qualifications nearly as successfully as the Yaris, but we’d suggest adjusting the tag line for the refreshed-for-2016 RAV4.

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD Review

The restricted opportunity of this 2016 refresh—slightly enhanced front side and rear design, a slightly modified interior—means that the RAV4’s most newsworthy piece is the new sport-oriented SE design. We forced one in Dec last year, but this is our first extensive analyze of the supposedly spicier RAV4. Is its tougher revocation (including stronger dampers, rises, and anti-roll bars) enough to provide a truly fantastic RAV4?

In a term, no. The sport-oriented RAV4 SE is little more than a common RAV4 with a little bit different graphics and a nastier generate. The retuned revocation doesn’t make for a fantastic feel but does achieve making the RAV4 SE less relaxed over damaged sidewalk, with company reactions to rim effects throwing occupants’ leads and developing the that your automobile is missing across street blemishes. There is enhanced body management during energetic cornering and less trim in stronger shapes, but those very subjective developments aren’t carried out on the skidpad, where this SE obtained 0.75 g, more intense than the pre-refresh, non-SE 2013 RAV4. Fault the fuel-economy-oriented Bridgestone Ecopia tires—then neglect them, as the slowly, inactive guiding attempts passionate generating anyway.

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD Interior

Of course, lightweight crossovers aren’t expected to task activities vehicles. But it’s the RAV4’s lack of communication, not its merely regular powerful features, that disappoints. The company revocation and game placement don’t capable with the inactive guiding or the car’s powertrain. Indeed, those who recall the last RAV4 to be truly “sporty,” the previous-generation design with the not compulsory 269-hp V-6 motor, should keep looking lest they be frustrated by the SE’s 2.5-liter four-cylinder.

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD Review

Distributed by every present RAV4 aside from the new multiple edition, the 2.5-liter wheezes out 176 horse power just below its indicated 6300-rpm redline. Optimum twisting is hardly more prompt, with 172 lb-ft coming at 4100 rpm. Both outcome numbers are par for the compact-crossover course, but the engine’s significant lack of passion (and lack of low-end oomph) activities actions RAV4 back in the everyday smash, where town generating needs a cruel right foot—a fact shown in our 19-mpg noticed gas mileage.

Cracking the beat may offer only emotional fulfillment, however, because even at full strike, the RAV4 SE takes 8.4 a few moments to achieve 60 mph, a moment that’s well behind the course management. To its credit, the six-speed automated gearbox recedes into the qualifications, although we’re still trying to understand why Chevy contains exercise shifters on this cross-over. Hitting at them netting the motorist soft, lurching downshifts that would be better if the computer blipped the accelerator. Upshifts are not only slowly, they’re instantly activated well before the redline.

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD Features

So the RAV4 SE isn’t sporty—but what about its grinds as a crossover? In this part, the Chevy performs exceptionally well. The cottage is straight and spacious, with a postioned back chair, a lot of headroom, and a large and usefully formed freight box. It provides 38 cubic legs behind the back chairs, and the back area ground can be placed at two different heights; with the innovative level, there’s room beneath to cover up things, so long as it’s relatively smooth. Need more space? The back chairs flip down for an additional 35 cubic legs. When collapsed, the back seatbacks sit about 2 " above the burden floor; a built-in slam board connects the main distinction. (Note that there are no launch manages in the freight bay, significance seat-folding actions must take place through the side gates.)

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD Review

Ergonomically discussing, the dashboard’s key manages are in easy achieve. The weather manages live just inches wide from the leader, and the touchscreen display screen infotainment program is in the middle of hard-button strategies to key choices. The medial side is let down by nasty and revealed pattern flashings across key contact factors such as the doorway keeps. The dull look of it all indicates design-by-committee, but the huge range of different components and styles indicates that maybe the board associates were at war.

At $31,565 with all-wheel generate, the RAV4 SE comes well-equipped with dual-zone automated environment control; a 6.1-inch touchscreen; a back-up camera; faux-leather seats; a power liftgate; a sunroof; and LED front lighting, taillights, and operating lighting. Our analyze example did have one box examined for the $3030 Advanced Technological innovation program, along with a bird’s-eye-view automobile parking digicam, front side and rear automobile parking receptors, flexible vacation management, independent urgent stopping, forward-collision caution, routing, an 11-speaker JBL sound program, and a bigger 7.0-inch touchscreen display screen. With its combination of high-tech protection equipment and functionality, the RAV4 SE will help Chevy continue to promote loads of RAV4s, as the standard program is still a good one. But if you’re after true sportiness in your cross-over, you should try the Mazda CX-5. If you want a RAV4, however, our choose is a less strongly revoked non-SE design. And remember: It’s a crossover!

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