2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country Review


2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country Review Some thoughts go back. First, AMC put four-wheel-drive components under a Harmony place chariot (née Hornet Sportabout) and known as it the Eagle—and then more than doubled down and drawn the same stop with a automobile (and a coupe!). A several years later, Subaru tried the same thing and come up with Heritage Outback wagon; and consequently it, too, believed What the terrible, people are taking up those Outback wagons, let’s try a automobile. Now Volvo might be the system for its thematically identical V60 Combination Nation to the be-trunked S60.

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country Review

The outcome is this S60 T5 Combination Nation, which follows the V60 Combination Nation into the violation by one design season. And to be reasonable, there are far more unreasonable concepts in your vehicle industry (BMW X4, we’re looking at you). Volvo isn’t trumpeting this one’s revenue prospective too loudly—a spokesperson informed us there’d be “maybe 500” for Northern The united states this season. Given the small estimated quantity, Volvo develops ’em within a cut stage, the elegant Jewelry, so the beginning price for the automobile is more than that of the V60 Combination Nation, which comes with less technological innovation functions.

The Combination Nation is otherwise the acquainted S60 clothed up for bushwhacking, with all-wheel generate, hill-descent management, dark fender additions, “skid plates” front side and back, and a revocation brought up to offer 7.9 inches wide of floor approval. That determine is 0.8-inch less than what Vehicle boasts for the Rebel Trailhawk and Subaru for the Forester. Volvo, though, does have an benefits over Audi’s A4-based Allroad, which can only straddle 7.1-inch challenges.

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country Interior

As in other all-wheel-drive S60s, placing grip to all four tires indicates getting the soon-to-be-retired 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder linked to a six-speed automated. (Front-drive designs get a more contemporary 2.0-liter turbocompresseur four and an eight-speed automatic—but a front-drive Combination Nation would create even less feeling, and Volvo doesn’t offer one.) The inline-five churns out 250 horse power and 266 lb-ft of twisting, benefits of 10 horses and 8 lb-ft over the direct-injected four. Every little bit allows, because this analyze car considered in at 3817 bodyweight. That’s a unique discovering in that our machines calculated less bodyweight than the manufacturer’s stated control bodyweight of 3913. It’s also 19 bodyweight more than the last S60 we tested—the front-drive, long-wheelbase Inscription—but 69 bodyweight below the S60 Polestar with AWD and a 345-hp turbocompresseur six.

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country Review

Few motorists are likely to need the additional floor approval, but as with the Outback and the Allroad the actual aim of the off-road therapy is to increase the chair up, reducing access and quit and providing the car owner the brought up perspective that customers in therapy centers keep informing car organizations they like in crossovers and SUVs. They also keep informing those physicians that spacious hatchback freight places are suitable, but that’s not what you get with this sedan’s relatively moderate 12-cubic-foot footwear.

At the monitor, the Combination Nation got to 60 mph in a crisp-enough 6.1 a few moments, besting the turbo-four Wording by a number of tenths. It could handle only 0.86 g on the skidpad, though, whereas editions with the conventional drive size have been in the 0.90-g variety. Stopping at 174 legs from 70 mph is on par for the S60 and midpack for in the same way scaled high-class cars.

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country Features

The Combination Nation is targeted more at discovering unpaved and infrequently visited gorge paths, not for chiselling apexes. In our arms, it never did anything that a standard-ride-height S60 couldn’t have done with more perfection. But it wasn’t a problem box by any means—even upsized tires didn’t harm the drive enough for making it agonizing, and the revocation tames the wallow and unwanted move just as the car owner starts to see that they’re more obvious than in the conventional car. The five-cylinder isn’t noisy, although its aural personality may encourage motorists look around the how to go about the Harman/Kardon sound program that comes conventional on the Jewelry cut stage.

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country Review

Platinum contains a lot of other functions, such as an comprehensive program of protection technological innovation. It’s not “all the toys and games,” though, as Volvo carries on to offer its BLIS (Blind Identify Details System) at an expense of $925. It’s not just blind-spot caution but back cross-traffic aware, front side and back recreation area support, and lane-departure minimization. It just seems odd that it is additional when the conventional kit contains flexible vacation management, forward-collision caution with complete automatic braking, a driver-drowsiness observe, lane-departure caution, and automated high-beam headlamps.

The analyze car also had a $1550 Environment program (heating for the top side and back chairs plus the leader, along with the windows and the appliance misting nozzles, plus a particular cabin-air purification system), rate delicate guiding ($325), Urbane Timber Inlays ($400), and 19-inch matte-black tires ($750). All in, it’s $48,390, a several huge less expensive than the better-performing V60 T6. And, hey, it’s greater.

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