2018 Bentley Flying Spur V-8 Review


2018 Bentley Flying Spur V-8 Review Why would any prospective buyer of the Bentley Flying Spur-a rolling symbol of a existence lived large-ever select an engine that has significantly less energy and fewer cylinders than the present six.0-liter W-12? We will pretty much discount cost. The brand new V-8 model is $20,700 more cost-effective than the one particular powered through the W-12, and that would be deemed a sizable price reduction while in the actual world

2018 Bentley Flying Spur V-8 Review

But because the V-8 even now carries a base cost of $197,825, it is fair to presume that any person who could afford it may possibly very easily stretch on the W-12. Specify a V-8 together with the premium audio system, rear screens, and individuals all-important walnut picnic tables, and you have by now offset the price tag variation among the two automobiles.

2018 Bentley Flying Spur V-8 Review

The eight-cylinder does give much better fuel mileage, within the unlikely event this issues any. It makes use of selective cylinder shutdown to flip itself right into a V-4 below gentle use. But with all the feasible exception of Scrooge McDuck, it is doubtful this may be a concern to many present day millionaires. It is accurate that in some components with the world the V-8 engine’s smaller displacement and much more modest carbon-dioxide emissions will conserve consumers tens of 1000's a yr in taxes. But because the U.S. hasn’t succumbed to the forces of eco-Marxism pretty nevertheless, this big difference can also be discounted.

No, the reason to select the significantly less strong eight-cylinder is easy: It helps make the Flying Spur a better vehicle. We’ve by now driven this engine from the Bentley Continental and Audi RS7, among other folks, as well as a refresher course behind the wheel of your Bentley provides a welcome reminder of just how superior it is actually. The Spur V-8 can’t match the headline-grabbing efficiency figures of its greater sister (it still manages 183 mph and an estimated 4.2-second 0-to-60 time), however the smaller sized engine’s keener throttle response and lag-free delivery far more than offset its relative lack of energy and torque.

2018 Bentley Flying Spur V-8 Review Interior

It sounds improved, also. The W-12 has an intriguing noise-an overly occupied exhaust note and induction roar normally making it sound as if at the very least two engines had been puffing beneath its bonnet. However the V-8 sounds like a V-8 ought to, a subdued purr beneath gentle use that turns into a pleasingly baritone snarl because the revs ascend.

2018 Bentley Flying Spur V-8 Review

Dynamic differences are reasonably modest. The V-8 vehicle is about 330 pounds lighter than the a single together with the W-12, with most of that mass coming off the front end. Being a outcome, it turns slightly far more willingly and steers with more precision. This hasn’t transformed the automobile, which even now feels considerable in a premium luxury way. 

The ride high quality is Bentley plu
sh, deeply appreciated more than a few of the broken British back roads on which we drove the car or truck. The air suspension provides 4 ranges of damping, with even the softest holding the body below tight management when asked to take care of asphalt that appeared to have been relaid for your last time beneath (or perhaps above) Queen Victoria.

2018 Bentley Flying Spur V-8 Review features

As using the rest of your Continental clan, the V-8 Spur’s four-wheel-drive system has become setup to guarantee highest traction at all times, and there is in no way any sense that you can do a lot to influence your cornering line by way of the throttle. Not that you simply must try to, of course-you might spill the rear-seat occupants’ champagne. 

2018 Bentley Flying Spur V-8 Review

The eight-speed autobox shuffles its ratios smoothly and seamlessly in every day use, but requests for sudden acceleration appear to confuse it momentarily as it delivers many kickdowns, one particular immediately after another. You may sharpen it by sliding the gear selector into Sport mode or taking manage of choice on your own by means of the paddles located behind the steering wheel.

U.S. buyers have previously been in a position to choose the V-8 engine from the Continental coupe and convertible, along with a take charge nearing 50 % proves it possesses an appeal past its modest expense saving. The Flying Spur V-8 confirms that, on the subject of Bentleys, much less really can be a lot more.

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