2019 Bentley Continental GT Review


2019 Bentley Continental GT Review Austria’s Grossglockner Great Downhill Street had only lately started out for 12 months when we nosed our 2019 Bentley Navigator GT through the cost checkpoint. With spritzing rainfall and the reducing snowpack wetting the the road, we started our climb of the more than 8200-foot successfully pass, twisting and relaxing the rim through one switchback after another as we stair-stepped into the atmosphere and then originated through a dense fog. The past Navigator GT would not have been satisfied on this road. Sure, it could have stormed up the hill, drawn along by the adequate forced from one of its turbocharged google, but it would have experienced through the changes, impatiently patiently waiting to release its twisting once the wheels were again indicated directly.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Review

Although this is still a special huge tourer and not a lively activities car, the new Navigator is amazingly at your house on the hill successfully pass. Instead of overburdening its front side wheels, it uses all four contact places, directs consistently, and displays a elegant fluidity that its forerunner never realized. The Grossglockner exposed a new Navigator GT that experienced stronger, fleeter, more energetic as if the car had been given an elixir of youngsters.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Review

That run up the Hochter Pass dovetailed with the new Continental’s visible impact. First presented for 2004 and modified for 2012, the Navigator GT led the product out of fusty obscurity with nearly 70,000 complete models sold a large numbers by Bentley requirements. “It has become our symbol,” says primary external developer David John Gregory. “It’s very important that it be immediately identifiable.” The overall size, form, and key components of style are maintained, and yet the latest edition looks broader and reduced, even though those measurements have modified by less than an inches. Credit the broader, more directly grill, set reduced a more shaped ligament. 

It’s in the middle of new headlamps with 82 LEDs organized in matrices (which unfortunately will be dumbed down for the U.S. market, with easy high- or low-beam efficiency rather than to be able to turn off individual LEDs to form the supports around onset cars). Design-wise, the most significant features are that the ligament is more than four inches wide nearer to the top side wheels, the wheelbase has expanded by 4.1 inches wide, and the back overhang also is more time, all of which considerably enhance the car’s position. There’s an extended bonnet, which also is gloomier because the motor rests reduced and further back in the framework. Slimmer taillights are set in a concave square board, focusing the car’s size. One's body system sections are aluminum save for the blend trunklid—helping the car reduce a stated 168 bodyweight, although at an approximated 5050 bodyweight it’s still a significant device.

The higher changes are technical. The old edition distributed a system with the staid Nova Phaeton; the new style uses the VW Group’s MSB structure, seen also in the Mercedes Panamera. The W-12 motor profits, but this is a new version. Introduced in the Bentayga, it now features slot and immediate energy hypodermic injection, a couple of twin-scroll turbochargers, and a dual-mass flywheel, yet it’s 66 bodyweight less heavy. Outcome here is 626 horse power (versus 582 previously) from 6.0 liters, along with 664 lb-ft of twisting, which flows forth from 1350 to 4500 rpm. The W-12 will be the only motor at release, but given that the V-8 was selected by approximately two-thirds of customers of the confident car, we’d anticipate it to come back, probably a year or so after the 12-cylinder style comes next springtime.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Review Interior

Compared with the edition in the Bentayga, the W-12 in the Navigator makes 26 more horse power, mostly due to different ECU applying. It also has a prevent that has been changed to allow the top side driveshaft to stick through. That’s because the motor has shifted some five inches wide rearward in the framework, a modify that helps the top side bodyweight prejudice from 58 % in the old GT to 55 % here, according to Bentley. 

2019 Bentley Continental GT Review

The W-12 is mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch automated transmission the same ZF-sourced device found in the Panamera which Bentley has updated for this program. This is the first ever dual-clutch in a Bentley, and its last development late the car’s release by six months. The results would seem to be worth it, as its low-speed level of smoothness competitors a torque-converter automatic’s and its move technique is unassailable although there are move paddles should you want to call the photos. (These are now situated on the leader rather than the past line increasing.)

Once again, the motor pushes all four wheels. But whereas the past program had a 40/60 front/rear twisting divided, the new one successfully non-payments to rear-wheel drive; when it finds slipping, it can immediate a more 38 % of the twisting to the top side wheels except in Game method, when just 17 % can be sent forward.

The revocation uses new three-chamber air rises in comparison to two-chamber models before; their extra kidney and higher quantity is said for making for a more certified generate. They work together with the common effective anti-roll cafes (Bentley Powerful Ride) operated by a 48-volt electric program and first seen in the Bentayga. Brake-based twisting vectoring introduced on the past GT3-R and Supersports models can slowly an internal back rim when coming into most to aid turn-in and braking mechanism an internal front side rim when getting out of to help the car power out of most. Venting, cast-iron braking mechanism rotors evaluate 16.5 inches wide in advance side and 15.0 at the back, which Bentley features create them the biggest disks ever designed to a traveler car. (Bentley also statements the biggest binders period, at 17.3 inches wide on the Bentayga; those are carbon-ceramics.) The methodologies are packed by 10-piston calipers with four-piston models working on the raises.

Less bodyweight on the nose; a flexible, more rear-biased twisting split; twisting vectoring; and those effective anti-roll cafes all go an extended way toward describing the Continental’s newly found hunger for shapes. On the freeway, its characteristics are less modified. The Navigator GT continues to be a peaceful distance eater. One new part, though, is boating method, which reveals the transmission’s grip and falls the revs to nonproductive rate when you raise off the gas under certain circumstances at road rates of speed. 

2019 Bentley Continental GT Review Features

Dip strong into the long-travel decrease and the car hurtles forward with eye-widening explosiveness, rate building continuous through the transmission’s ultra-quick changes. Bentley says the Navigator GT can achieve 60 mph in 3.6 a few moments, and the W-12 reveals no indication of not having enough vapor even into triple-digit velocities top rate is a stated 207 mph. Even at full bellow, the W-12 doesn’t perform like a V-12, however. At most it produces a hidden fish rumble, and that’s only in Game method when you come off the throttle; there are none of the extroverted crackles and bursts of, say, a Jaguar V-8.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Review

The modify in the fatigue observe is one of the most significant variations changing from Convenience or the mid-level “Bentley” generating method to Game (a 4th choice is Custom), even though the ways also control the revocation, guiding, transmitting, and motor reaction. That the Navigator GT does not have huge variations in its reactions, however, reveals to be part of its attraction. Rather than trying for making this car entice an extensive variety, the technicians seem to have targeted for a natural personality, one that combinations comfort and efficiency to a higher level. In any method, the guiding maintains a enjoyable weight and linearity, while the flexible air rises and effective anti-roll cafes all but remove body system trim without penalizing high high quality of generate. The big Pirelli P 0's (265/40ZR-21 front side and 305/35ZR-21 back as standard; a 275/35ZR-22 front side and 315/30ZR-22 back installation will be optional) recognize sidewalk blemishes, but the framework is continuous by midcorner lumps.

The four-seat internal of the Navigator GT is perhaps its most conventional part. One beholds miles of set, its making quilts both padded and printed. The conceals increase even to usually ignored areas: the A-pillars, the ends of it, the bottom sprint and entrance sections. Shiny timber cut or a new-for-2019 ribbed-aluminum substitute extends from it across the sprint onto the doorway sections, while the manages and changes are delivered in firefox. In contrast to in past Bentleys, however, the ritzy completes aren’t paying for old, wonky electronic devices. The 12.3-inch main touchscreen display (with The apple company CarPlay and Android operating system Auto) is not only nicely scaled, it’s considerably delivered and easy to use. 

Actual control buttons below and on-screen touchpoints along the side provide fast strategies, and the desltop can at the same time show up to three features. But if that all seems too garishly contemporary, the not compulsory Bentley Spinning Display ($6270) allows one to media a key for making it vanish and expose a group of 3 of analogue indicators or, when the motor is off, an effective remove of veneer. Before the motorist is a exclusive device group, which also is configurable, and there’s a head-up show. Against contemporary styles, Bentley doesn’t believe that marked minimalism is the key to style. The top, wide middle program contains a lot of physical control buttons and knurled-edge buttons, all of which function with an outstanding feel that no haptic lcd can provide.

The Navigator GT’s youngsters routine has not worn away its distinctiveness. Instead, its restored mechanicals and beautifully shaped sheetmetal turn it into a more fitness, better-looking form of its former self—an desirable modify for all of us advancing in the other.

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